The Knoxville Crew! Entirely Present for Pictures

It has been quite a while since I captured images of my Knoxville family. I think Mariah was 3! She is 8 now! Mimi insisted that they bring clothes so we could get some nice images. It is hard to look at them though, because the kids are so grown up looking! Michael and Rachel look quite the same…though there was not beard then! Have a look at how beautiful they all are!


Well, another friend “hit the dust of SEVENTY”!!! We were there to help with the surprise…Here are a few pics of the event…as you can see Sharyn has LOTS of people who think she is FABULOUS! Happiest of Birthdays, my Friend! She was truly surprised! Which was a miracle…Sharyn is a pretty sharp cookie! A few pictures of the event.

Pistol Ultra 100K Race in Knoxville

Maybe many of you have never been to an Ultra Race.  Well, this year was our second to attend, watching our Son, Michael 2nd to run.  Last Knoxville race was three years ago, three years after he had had his colon removed because of Chrone’s Disease.  This year was different, as he had time goals.  He set three PR this race and cut his time by 30 minutes.  He ran the entire race without once even sitting down.  We are so thankful and proud that he feels well, trains well, and has the drive to complete such an event!  Cannot imagine running for over 13 hours!  I run an hour and 20 minutes several times a week and that is my limit at this point.  I have posted a few images of this experience Michael has shared with us.  Held on St. Patrick’s Day…there was a lot of green!  A very colorful race, indeed!