Special People — Special Occasion!

Recently, I was able to attend and photograph a very special occasion – a baby shower for one of my Third Grade students! Well, she WAS my Third grade student some time ago. She graduated from college, PA training, married and now living in North Carolina. Kaitlyn and Brian are expecting their first child, a little boy in a few months. This is the first grandchild for my friend, Laurel and everyone is so very excited to welcome this little child into their family.

The venue was beautiful, the day warm and sunny and everyone there was excited to honor the expectant couple. There was a variety of people attending that day — parents, grandparents, school friends, a past school teacher, siblings and even a couple who flew in special to attend the shower.

Join us and experience how special the days was.


I often get requests to photograph families, especially when there are family members who live far away. I “get that”, having family members who live far away myself. It is so enjoyable to have family who was raised together, come together again to enjoy one another.

It is so important to have photographs of those rare times. One member said to me — why are you so particular–it is just a picture! Oh my goodness, I thought. Pictures are memories in print! After these important family times are over, pictures help us enjoy those times long after.

One name I really wanted for my business was “Once Upon A Time”. Once upon a time, our children were little. Once upon a time, there were many celebrations that took place at important milestones: graduations, birthdays, weddings, births. Once upon a time, the grandchildren were little, and then the great-grandchildren.

Pictures prolong that enjoyment way far into the future! This is what I was able to create on that day when the Hollanders came together to get pictures taken. They were laughing, posing, playing, eating and enjoying their time together being with their Mom and Dad. Even Aunts and Uncles came to get in on the act!

Sweet Canadian Friends and Family!

Recently, I had the opportunity to capture some family pictures of our friends, The Taylors. They, like many of us who have family who live in far away places, don’t have the opportunity to be all together very often. These friends of ours are missionaries, have been missionaries and are soon to be serving the Lord God in Canada. John and Jacky have served the Lord in the country of Ukraine for many years. They came to the states over five years ago to be part of administration at the ABWE home office, and are soon to be back in Canada as President of ABWE Canada. For many of us, we are very sad to see them back across the border….but, they are returning to their home country of Canada. So, this is a bitter-sweet experience for them. Their daughter, a missionary teacher overseas, their son and his wife in New York, and their youngest still attending university means that their family is spread all around and their times together are rare. I was fortunate to be able to capture some of the joy and gladness they had all together this year.