Pistol Ultra 100K Race in Knoxville

Maybe many of you have never been to an Ultra Race.  Well, this year was our second to attend, watching our Son, Michael 2nd to run.  Last Knoxville race was three years ago, three years after he had had his colon removed because of Chrone’s Disease.  This year was different, as he had time goals.  He set three PR this race and cut his time by 30 minutes.  He ran the entire race without once even sitting down.  We are so thankful and proud that he feels well, trains well, and has the drive to complete such an event!  Cannot imagine running for over 13 hours!  I run an hour and 20 minutes several times a week and that is my limit at this point.  I have posted a few images of this experience Michael has shared with us.  Held on St. Patrick’s Day…there was a lot of green!  A very colorful race, indeed!

Don’t We Just Love Newborns!


Don’t you just love those adorable images of infants posed in baskets, buckets and other containers that often reflect the parent’s occupations and hobbies! When I had children (it seems like a hundred years ago!!), formal newborn pictures were certainly not on my radar. I am fortunate to have very many pictures at all. I wish so much that I knew things then, that I know now. Even when I just started taking pictures of the grandchildren, I had no idea of some things that would have made taking their infant pictures easier. Life is certainly filled with learning and doing new things.

Here are a few things that I have learned in the last few years. One very important tip is that there is actually a suggested age in order to get those sweet images you see. The perfect age of infants to get beautiful newborn images is between 5-12 days old. When little ones are that tiny, they spend a lot of time sleeping and you are able to curl them up into very sweet poses just like when they were in the womb. After this, you might not be as successful posing and they are awake more and may become unhappy with all the “extra attention”! This requires you to book a session right after birth, or even before, if you know the exact day your baby is going to be born. Even if baby doesn’t cooperate with the date, at least your photographer knows about when to plan the shoot and can hold times before and after your due date. This is such a short window of time to take those special portraits and it is easy to miss it!

I like to do sessions in my home if possible, but can travel to yours as well. Typically, newborn sessions last anywhere from 2-4 hours. This might include portraits of the baby on his/her own and then with each parent, and then the whole family together. This may seem like a long time, but a good part of that time will be spent feeding and comforting the baby in order to get him/her as sleepy and contented as possible for the portraits.

Most newborn portraits are done naked or with just a diaper to capture the tinyness of being a newborn. Also, the clothing should be easy to put on and take off. If you prefer to have your baby clothed in pictures, be sure that their clothing fits them well and not too big. Big clothes do not look good on babies, or anyone else, for that matter.

Some good things to have handy at the newborn shoot are pacifiers, a change of clothing for yourself and your baby. With babies, you hardly ever know what will happen! You also should bring extra diapers, wipes, formula and bottles, and any special toys or blankets or props that you would like to be in the images.

I prefer to pose babies as natural as possible. There are safety issues with the way some photographers pose babies with their necks and props falling over. I love, love the photos of a baby in a basket sleeping soundly or in a pile of blankets. I often take suggestions from parents as well. Many parents are pretty savy with Pinterest and all and have some great ideas for the pictures of their baby.  



The images of a baby curled up on his belly with his hands tucked under the side of his head and his/her feet tucked under his/her little bumm are the cutest. Most babies love to be in that pose, as it resembles the position many of them are in the womb.

Perhaps you are expecting your first/second—and beyond and you would love to have tangible, beautiful portraits of the newest member of your family. You can contact me for a free consultation in which we can talk about a date(s) to put on my calendar for a newborn shoot.

Jan Feehan Images at jancfeehan@gmail.com

Family Christmas!

Those of us who have family that live far away, cherish the times where we can all be together once again.  Those times usually are far and few between.  The Christmas season is one of those times where families sometimes can spend all together.  Many parents want to document these times with special images so that they can look back and remember the sweet memories they created  together with children and grandchildren over the holidays.

I was privileged to be able to document such times with two families over the holidays.  Here are the images from one of those families, gathered once again to celebrate Christmas!  Not only were they celebrating the birth of our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, but this year the joy of  their first grandson!


Messenger Girlies

One of my favorite shoots to do is one that I do with children for several years in a row.  I have been taking Addison’s pictures since she was one year old.  Wow!  Both of us have grown since then.  Now there are two beautiful little girls that God blessed Stephen and Elizabeth with!  This shoot was Addison’s Seven-year pictures, and Harper’s one-year pictures rolled into one.  We had a beautiful day, and everyone was so cooperative and good!  It really helped that Mom brought snacks.


Photo Love

What do I love about photography? I love the timelessness about it.

I love to take pictures of the people I love. Recording for all time images of my grandchildren, and other family members. Watching the little people and recording how they are growing up all around us. Someday they will look back in their lives and remember…remember what they were like, and hopefully, they will remember on how much their Mimi loved them. I know I certainly do enjoy seeing images that I made 2, 3, 4 or more years ago, reflecting upon how blessed I am with these precious grandchildren. This is something that I couldn’t do with my own children all that much because of lack of opportunity and funds to develop them. I do love this digital age! Perhaps you are wanting to record your precious family with portraits. Years from now you will be able to reflect on how blessed you have been with your own children and grandchildren!


Do you have a special, “heart-string” place that you visit again and again? I spend a lot of time in Maine these years since I have retired. I have been thinking lately, what makes Maine so special? What is it about your “heart-string” place that keeps you coming again and again?

I have been going to Maine my whole life. This past couple of weeks, I have “lived” in Maine, helping and having fun with my Aunt Theresa. I have had several conversations with people from around the country while I rested from “running” to the Bass Harbor Lighthouse, before “running” back to Theresa’s. They were in Maine for the first time, many of them. Listening to their comments, it struck me that sometimes during my life I have taken being in Maine for granted.

What exactly is it that makes Maine speical to me? Is it the smell of the woods…the ocean? The beautiful scenery? My family who live there? Or all of the above?  My heart-string place is very special. Even before my first memories I have been in Maine all through my childhood. When I was in the Jr. High years, I even spent almost entire summers in Maine by myself, staying with aunts and uncles, grandparents, and spending time with cousins. It was the only time that I ever spent much time with any of them, that I was able to remember. Michael and I spent our honeymoon in Maine on Echo lake thanks to friends of my parents, the Sawyers. During our married life, we have made numerous trips to Maine with our children. They have fond memories of Mt. Desert Island – the ocean, the carriage paths, the many trails we hiked during that time. One of our sons now takes regular trips to Maine with his children…they are building the same memories as we did.

Thankfully, we have been able to travel many places in the world, and they also have been beautiful places that we have loved. But, we keep returning to Maine, at least once a year. Besides family, there are “heart-strings” attached to Maine, as it is tied up in remembrance of times past. We all take experiences we have from our childhood on into adulthood with us, as we pass from children to teens to adults to parents, and now grandparents. Where is YOUR heart-string place?

Here are a few images from my most recent time in Maine…September IS the best time to be in Maine.

Are “Full-Service” Photographers anything Like “Full-Service” Gas Stations??


Do you know that today’s professional portrait photographer falls into one of two categories, or a combination of the two? The first is the “shoot-and-burner,” the photographer who charges one price that includes the session fee and then hands off the digital files from the session to the customer. The second type of photographer is one who takes a different approach. This photographer offers contact with the client throughout the process and offers finished products that capture the experience. There are photographers who offer digital files in addition to the wall portraits, albums and other products that they sell, bringing the two categories together. Printed portraits, canvases, books and other products provide customers images that they can take home, touch and enjoy for years to come. All professional photographers are service professionals, but the latter type is often called “full-service” portrait photographers.  So….are “full-service” Photographers anything like “full-service gas stations???  Well, we offer a more personalized photography experience, just like the “full-service” gas stations….so, I guess “full-service” photographers ARE like “full-service” gas stations….without the gas!

I am a “full-service” photographer. I delight in knowing the images that I capture are being enjoyed on walls and in frames in client’s homes. It is very satisfying to create products that clients love and enjoy beyond the fleeting five miutes of social media fame.

I want you to own products that you love which will outlive you so that coming generations of your family will be able to treasure them, as you will. I make sure that you get a print and digital copy of each image you purchase to share online today and display in your home forever!

Check out my JAN FEEHAN IMAGES tab to schedule your session for the fall.