Special People — Special Occasion!

Recently, I was able to attend and photograph a very special occasion – a baby shower for one of my Third Grade students! Well, she WAS my Third grade student some time ago. She graduated from college, PA training, married and now living in North Carolina. Kaitlyn and Brian are expecting their first child, a little boy in a few months. This is the first grandchild for my friend, Laurel and everyone is so very excited to welcome this little child into their family.

The venue was beautiful, the day warm and sunny and everyone there was excited to honor the expectant couple. There was a variety of people attending that day — parents, grandparents, school friends, a past school teacher, siblings and even a couple who flew in special to attend the shower.

Join us and experience how special the days was.

Our Precious Local Boyz!

It seems that months go by and once again it is time for school pictures! Since the local guys are schooling from home this year, we were later than usual getting their fall pictures taken. Of course, with all the excitement of moving to a new house, Mimi’s surgery and just the newness of everything-school-at-home, we were pretty late snapping pictures, and we didn’t do the usual grade level things, and school items sitting around. We just did pictures! Every year, there usually is one guy that seems to be the “star” of the show! LOL This year it was Paddy. Finally, he has learned to pose just like Mimi wants. So very easy to take pictures of these guys…of course, I have been doing it for quite awhile…they are really used to it! Take a look! I think you will agree, they are pretty handsome!

Our Greenville Group Visits!

We were so happy that our family from Greenville came to visit us this past summer. Right before the big surgery! The cousins had such a great time together — playing, running and playing in the creek! They have not seen and played with each other much before! It was a short but fun time visiting Wildwood and Lake Tobias together. They had a quick trip to Hershey to engage in candy! Took a few minutes to shoot some pictures since it had been a year almost! They grew so much….these sweet boys!