Coastal Towns in Portugal

The same day we explored Obidos, we headed to the coast.  We visited several beautiful places along the coast, north of Lisbon.  We stopped in Peniche, and Nazar’e, Boca De Inferno and S’itio.  We were surprised to see a few surfers.  Then we learned that the waves in Nazare are famous!  They are some of the largest waves all around the world.  While we were there, they weren’t all that large though.  As you can see the water was a beautiful aqua color consistently, the towns were picturesque, and the beach reminded me of a Portuguese “Ocean City”.    All around the world, people are drawn to the ocean it seems.  I know we were.

Our Newest Adventure

We recently returned from a work/tour trip to Portugal.  We had been there before –  TWENTY years ago.  Twenty years ago, we were in Lisbon, Portugal helping to build the Lisbon Training Center to help ABWE missionaries.

We were so excited to join our friends, the Frys, who had been 18 years in Lisbon, serving as missionaries.  We were planning to complete some projects that the LTC needed done and tour around Portugal as well.  I will tell more of our adventures in several parts, along with the work we were able to accomplish, and how the building that we helped build twenty years ago, has served the missionary field of Portugal.  We are so humbled to have been a small part of the work there.  One of the places we visited early was the walled city of O’beds.  Stay tuned for more of Portugal in the days ahead.