Valley of the Gods


It is almost time to begin another adventure…and still there are images from the last one to Utah.  Valley of the Gods is not to be confused with Garden of the Gods in Colorado.  We were on our way to Monument Valley from Bryce National Park and found this dirt road, labeled with Valley of the Gods.  Well, being the adventurous sort when in new places, we decided to take this dirt road.  It was an adventure, for sure!  The road itself was a bit scary and rough, but the sights we saw were incredible!  Here are just a few of the rock formations we saw there.  Most of these were shot from the car, sometimes clicked as the car was moving, so I apologize for the quality in some. It was a bit like Monument Valley.

was moving, so I apologize for the quality in some.  It was a bit like Monument Valley.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Our country has the best National Park system.  We were privileged to have visited seven of them this past fall!   While visiting Utah, we visited Bryce Canyon.  The rock formations and hoodoos were so very interesting to view and the vastness of the land area was awesome!  We walked around for several days with our mouths open in awe of this beautiful area.  I was constantly clicking my camera for ten days as we visited these parks in Utah.  It has taken me a while just to go through them!

If you are 62 or above in age, you can purchase a lifetime park pass which gets you into any National Park for free.  What a deal!   All around our great country there are National Parks….49 of them to be exact.  What a treasure these parks are to the American people.

Here are some images from Bryce Canyon.

Capital Reef National Park – Utah

Our recent visit to the west included seven National Parks!  To a rock lover, like myself, and a photographer to boot…it was an awesome experience to be able to view the vastness of our great country!  The parks we visited are close in proximity and each one is so very different!  I had never even heard of Capital Reef National Park until we were planning our trip.  It was one not to  miss however,  we were able to see it in a days trip.  You can experience some of the size perspective, if you look for cars and people and trees.  I know to the average person, these are just pictures of a bunch of rocks…but I see them as recordings of the doings of our mighty God….who can move the mountains–and He is mighty to save!