It is that time of the year again!

The most wonderful time of the year!  School has begun once again.  Where did the summer go?  Since Owen was starting first grade, I started taking back-to-school pictures at the beginning of school.  It is enjoyable to go and look back at how little the kids were when starting different grades.  I do like these so much better than the normal school pictures that they take at school.

I enjoy personalizing them with little school momentos I have around my house.  I use different desks that I have, one being one my mother would have sat in when she was in elementary school, and another I have had for some time sitting around my house.  Every year I try to change up some of the props to make them interesting.

This year there were three here locally who went to school.  I had such a good time recording their pictures for the year!  School-aged children are so much fun.  These guys are so used to Mimi clicking pics of them, they know right what to do, even little Padraig gets it!

Perhaps you might be interested in having some unique school pictures of your children or grandchildren.  I am running a special right now…check out my business page on Facebook and send me a message or email.  I would love to make an appointment for you!  Here is a collection of images that I have taken for the last three years.

Neighborhood Sweeties

We live in a wonderful neighborhood…the best we have ever been privileged to live in.  We have been here a very long time, thankfully.  In our part of the neighborhood, we know everyone living around us.  A couple of years ago, a young couple moved in.  We were so happy to see children there.

All of us are too happy to help each other.  Occasionally, I need a couple of kids to photograph.  Kids are my favorite!  I needed a bit of practice with indoor lighting in my “studio-livingroom”.  Trenton and Callista were so happy to come.  Lovely images of some lovely children..Thanks, Ashley and Matt.

Photo Love

What do I love about photography? I love the timelessness about it.

I love to take pictures of the people I love. Recording for all time images of my grandchildren, and other family members. Watching the little people and recording how they are growing up all around us. Someday they will look back in their lives and remember…remember what they were like, and hopefully, they will remember on how much their Mimi loved them. I know I certainly do enjoy seeing images that I made 2, 3, 4 or more years ago, reflecting upon how blessed I am with these precious grandchildren. This is something that I couldn’t do with my own children all that much because of lack of opportunity and funds to develop them. I do love this digital age! Perhaps you are wanting to record your precious family with portraits. Years from now you will be able to reflect on how blessed you have been with your own children and grandchildren!