Somewhere in Ohio

Somewhere in Ohio, recently someone turned 70!  And we had a great party!  It is so much fun when there is a surprise party….and the person that it is for, is actually and truly surprised!  It doesn’t happen very often.  But MacKenzie pulled it off!

This warm celebration was on the verge of a major snow event there in Northwestern Ohio.   We were so excited to return to Ohio to help Mike Lucius celebrate his 70th birthday.  This guy!  So many memories!  Some of which I have no idea, since this was my husband’s friend since grade school….I am much younger!  He was in our wedding some 46 years ago.  You can see him and Michael yucking it up about some of their “adventures!”  I think they were recounting a particularly hilarious one that had to do with golf balls, roman candles and a washing machine!  I think you had to be there….though the story is very unusual.

He has been an exemplary friend, husband, father and grandfather.  And since he is an old guy,  he has the distinct privilege of being a Great-grandfather as well.  I was able to capture quite a few images of the many friends and family that were gathered to watch him blow out the candles!

We were honored to have been there, Luke, to celebrate with your family and many friends.  Many more happy years to you!

Honk – He’s 90 Today! Happy 4th of July!

Recently our family gathered in Ohio to celebrate my FIL 90th birthday.  He was born on the fourth of July.  As hot as it is in Ohio in July, I can only imagine how uncomfortable his mother was that day as they went for a buggy ride.  He was born at home on the farm.

I love theme parties.  It was Mary

Jo’s idea that we all dress up and decorate for the fourth of July.  Everyone had such a great time together, celebrating and honoring Dad.  We could help but get a few portraits as well, which for me is something I love to do.  There are a few really interesting scenarios for several portraits this year.  See if you can catch them!