Sintra Castle – Inside and Out

One thing on my “visit-list” was Sintra Castle.  We traveled there one day, the same day that we visited the Moorish Castle, since they were close by each other.  It was a photographers paradise, for sure.  It is a World Heritage site, established on the top of the Sintra hills.  The castle was created by King Ferdinand II, and is an example of 19th century Romanticism.  It truly was “art on a hill” in every way.  Enjoy peeking inside and out through my lens.

Moorish Castle, Portugal

Castelo dos Mouros, as it is called in Portugal was about half hour north of Lisboa, just outside of Sintra.  It is a popular tourist destination, full of history about this area of Portugal.  This site was once an important military fortification and speaks of the Islamic presence in this region.  It was probably built between the 8th and 9th centuries.  Overlooking Sintra, it acted as a watchtower to protect Lisbon and the surrounding area. It was a pretty windy day the day we visited.  We actually visited several places on this day.  The Frys and the Feehans were not letting any place go undiscovered!  Though, the Frys had already been there several times while they lived in Portugal, it was fun just to see it together and of course click pictures.

Coastal Towns in Portugal

The same day we explored Obidos, we headed to the coast.  We visited several beautiful places along the coast, north of Lisbon.  We stopped in Peniche, and Nazar’e, Boca De Inferno and S’itio.  We were surprised to see a few surfers.  Then we learned that the waves in Nazare are famous!  They are some of the largest waves all around the world.  While we were there, they weren’t all that large though.  As you can see the water was a beautiful aqua color consistently, the towns were picturesque, and the beach reminded me of a Portuguese “Ocean City”.    All around the world, people are drawn to the ocean it seems.  I know we were.