Photo Love

What do I love about photography? I love the timelessness about it.

I love to take pictures of the people I love. Recording for all time images of my grandchildren, and other family members. Watching the little people and recording how they are growing up all around us. Someday they will look back in their lives and remember…remember what they were like, and hopefully, they will remember on how much their Mimi loved them. I know I certainly do enjoy seeing images that I made 2, 3, 4 or more years ago, reflecting upon how blessed I am with these precious grandchildren. This is something that I couldn’t do with my own children all that much because of lack of opportunity and funds to develop them. I do love this digital age! Perhaps you are wanting to record your precious family with portraits. Years from now you will be able to reflect on how blessed you have been with your own children and grandchildren!

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