Monument Valley

One of the places we visited last month was Monument Valley.  This is the place where many westerns and other movies have been filmed throughout the years.  John Wayne starred in “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon” which was filmed here.  His “house” and the military station are still there, part of a hotel.  This is not a national park, but a park owned and operated by the Navajo Nation in America.  You can drive around on a road, or you can take a tour.  We drove, as I like to stop here and there to click pictures.  Riding horses around the park would have been a great experience, but we didn’t take the time.  On-line it was quite expensive as well.  Hope you enjoy seeing some of what we saw on the day we were able to see this beautiful place.  It was also the second place that we have visited int he last couple of years that was a “movie set” of a film that John Wayne had been in.  Last year was in Cong, Ireland, where “The Quiet Man” was filmed.  You can see pictures of this area in my Ireland posts from last year.


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