Essence of Ireland in 1800 Miles – Part 9

I can hardly believe it has been almost a month since we were in Ireland.  We have been in Maine for a week with our friends, so writing updates on our saga of Ireland has been somewhat delayed.  Now that we are home, I will continue to share our special vacation journey.  The images that I have shared today are from our trip out to the largest of the Aran Islands, on Irelands west coast.  This island is Innish Moir.  One interesting fact we learned was they didn’t have electrical service until the 1970’s and sheep don’t do well on the island, contrary to everyone’s perception.  Most of the aran sweaters that you purchase, even in Ireland, are made by machine.  Though, there are people who knit them on the island and will gladly take your measurements and ship you a sweater when it is completed.  This rocky island  is as beautiful as everywhere else in Ireland.  We certainly enjoyed our boat ride and tour.  Michael got to take a day off from planning our routes for the day.  Though we missed the Cliffs of Moire….these cliffs on the island were similar.  I hope you enjoy the scenes we saw on this day.

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