Essence of Ireland in 1800 Miles – Part 7

Well, the day after we spent time touring the coastline in the Ring of Kerry in the rain, we toured more of the southern coastline in the spotty rain. We looked around the Dingle Peninsula. The Dingle Peninsula has a rugged coastline and sandy beaches. We didn’t see the harbor of Dingle, as at that time it was raining pretty hard, but later the rain subsided some and we visited the early fort, Dunquin which sits on the edge of the cliffs. We were able to visit the beach. I haven’t been to the shore in a few years, because of Michael’s job and other things. Us Feehans don’t mess around! We walked on several beaches while we in Ireland…anyone for the sun! Even though the rain was threatening most of the day, it was still beautiful and there were many pictures all around!  If we had stopped every time I saw a “picture”, we would still be there….oh, well, I should have used that plan!  Of course, there were sheep!

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