Essence of Ireland in 1800 miles — part 3

We left Cashel after a day and headed to Killarney.  There were several sites we wanted to explore in that area, so we stayed with Tim and Eilene for three nights.  They are the owners of Crystal Springs Bed and Breakfast.  They certainly spoiled us!  We enjoyed Eilene’s personality and her devine breakfasts!

As you can see by the pictures, the roads in Ireland are interesting to say the least.  Michael did wonderfully well adapting to driving on the left side…of course, I knew he would.  We appreciated the roundabouts.  Much more efficient for moving traffic quickly along.  Along the way to Killarney we noticed a castle ruins beside the road.  It is the Dunkirk Castle.  As you can see it was a really big house.  As this was a private residence at the time it was built.

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