Essence of Ireland in 1800 miles – Part 2

We continued through the Wicklow Mountains part of our first day and then headed to the town of Cashel.  We were to see our first castle ruins ( one of many we saw during that two weeks).  We also visited the Feehan Irish Pub, that our son, Chris saw (but not visited) several years ago when he and some friends visited Ireland.  Once again, having experienced this in Portugal and Germany, we were amazed at how old everything is in Europe.  At the Rock of Cashel, we saw Cormac’s chapel, and noted the Gaelic spelling of Cormac being quite different that the english version.

In the tenth century, Brian Boru was crowned high king of Ireland at the Rock of Cashel.  The Christian associations date back to the 5th Century when Saint Patrick converted the king.  We also walked across a field to visit the Abbey ruins.

We stayed in the first of the B&B’s that were to become “home” while in Ireland.  Very traditional….breakfast was awesome!

It seems that every town has its version of the Irish High Cross.  Later in the trip some we visited were from the 5th century!

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