Essence of Ireland in 1800 miles!

It is hard to imagine that it was almost three weeks ago that we were preparing to board a plane that would take us to Ireland.  It was a long awaited trip, one that we had planned to take for several years, but the Lord Himself sent us other places.  Once Michael retired from his job, we began seriously scheduling this trip.  It indeed was a trip of a lifetime, as my daughter-in-law had deemed it early on.

Using this blog site as a place to reflect, remember and share this experience with our family and others who might be interested.  This post is the first in a series, so check back periodically to see new thoughts and images from this epic trip.  Thank you for your interest and comments.

We landed in Dublin, had dinner at a pub a couple of blocks from our hotel.  The next morning we headed out.  We really didn’t see much of Dublin, as we wanted to be in the country.  We headed to the Wicklow Mountains, there we saw peat bogs and sheep wandering everywhere, even on the road.  We then visited Glendalough, a monastic site from the 11th and 12th century.  Founded in the sixth century, the monastery gained a Europe-wide reputation for learning.  The images you are seeing were taken in the mountains and at Glendalough.

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